Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia
Slovenian Police

  • Keep your composure, reassure yourself and others
  • Evaluate the situation
  • Protect yourself and the victim from imminent dangers such as falling rocks, landslides, cold
  • Offer first aid as much as you know and can
  • Inform rescuers about the accident on the number

  • Name and surname of the person making the call
  • What happened
  • Where did it happen
  • When did it happen
  • Number of people involved in the accident
  • What are the injuries
  • Weather and visibility conditions
  • What kind of help you need

  • Mobile phone (always have your cellphone with you and check battery before you leave)
  • MRA information points located in every hut
  • Automatic radio station for distress call SAPOGO

  • Kocbek hut on Korošica
  • Valentina Staniča hut under the Triglav
  • Vodnikova hut on Velo polje
  • Gomišček shelter on Krn
  • GRS shelter on the Šija mountain
  • Hut on Peca